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Our company avails itself of highly qualified staff, whose competence is monitored daily by the owners themselves with the privilege of experience, confirmed by a century of business and by the presence of the Vegni family which is still head of the company today.

Security and reliability are also guaranteed by the monitoring of all goods, which from the moment they are entrusted to us, to when they are delivered, remain with us, as we do not use any intermediaries

All our storehouses are connected round the clock with private surveillance and police services and benefit from the best fire, theft and intrusion prevention systems.

For improved security, during connections between the various operating units, we use vehicles with theft and lock-breaking prevention systems as well as constant satellite monitoring. Also, should vehicles need to go through some “high-risk” areas, they are escorted by private surveillance patrols.

Another important characteristic of our vehicles is that they are “insulated”, thus reducing sudden temperature changes.

As an even better guarantee the company enables you to ensure the whole value of the goods (all-risk insurance)

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  Via delle Calandre 11, Calenzano (FI) Tel. 055/8874070 r.a.- 055/8874063 Fax 055/8869583